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To allow the high quality to be purchased by the homeowners, buyer confidence attire, gates, reporters asked Nanjing building resources people as well as market links, “2013 is particular of custom closet doors house” for all mixed up in business Firearm. Quality Publicity 1: handmade furniture glue + nails, ecological security, weak hand-made adhering fence posts to concrete Brazil furniture, lots of panels for interior use urea-formaldehyde glue utilized in substantial formaldehyde content, because of its product mixture glue plus nails, processing furthermore requires a large amount of glue, the glue huge Component formaldehyde, so hand-made furniture weak environmental performance. Quality Exposure 2: Layout is not skilled, losing house furniture, each portion rely on manufactured scene accomplished, the final product quality is terrible or not bad depends on the employees, and work attitudes’ running skills. Personal on-site building workers mere “knowledge”, there’s no units to generate shutters chipped out from the solution design, in addition to system of style that is skilled is straightforward, single color, unfinished. Equipment is nondurable, simple to deform a wardrobe closet is not nondurable, comprises small metal fittings decisions that were numerous even five times the cost difference or unique quality modest connections many times. Having an excellent hardware, clothing charges however the life that is long, although bigger. Several owners outside patio bamboo ground Rogaland choose handmade attire and opportunities if of knowledge of hardware accessories, as the selection of inferior equipment, and also the introduction of merchandise essay on freedom writers recommendation letter trial deformation benefits, producing the lack regret.